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If you’ve noticed an increase in vaginal and urinary symptoms as you get older, you should know you don’t have to resign yourself to them. Dr. Gigi Kroll & Dr. Zhanna Pinkus with their team at Dr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus offers MonaLisa Touch® treatments to revive the tissue in as little as 10 minutes. If you’re looking for vaginal rejuvenation treatments in the Newport Beach, California, area, call the number listed or clicking the “book now” button.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What is vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy, or atrophic vaginitis, is a condition caused by declining levels of estrogen. Estrogen drops after menopause or a hysterectomy causing the soft tissues of the vagina to thin, dry out, and become inflamed.

Some of the symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy include:

  • Vaginal irritation such as itching and burning
  • Decreased lubrication
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during intercourse

Vaginal atrophy may cause a number of uncomfortable vaginal and urinary symptoms, particularly during sex. Although estrogen decline is natural, a gynecologist atDr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus can help you find relief so you can enjoy intercourse again.

What is the MonaLisa Touch®?

The MonaLisa Touch is a laser procedure that addresses the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. The laser treatment takes only minutes to perform and stimulates collagen production in the soft tissues.

The process stimulates soft tissue regeneration, which results in:

  • Vaginal tightening and elasticity
  • Increased lubrication
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Improved pH levels

The procedure reactivates some of the processes that the vagina previously performed. Women often report improved sexual function and fewer urinary symptoms after having the treatment.

What happens during the MonaLisa Touch procedure?

Your provider has you rest on an exam table with your legs in stirrups like during a pelvic exam. Then, she applies numbing cream to the area for your comfort and inserts the thin laser probe into your vagina.

She runs the probe along the length of your vaginal canal as the lasers treat the area in sections. The procedure lasts around ten minutes, after which your doctor has you get dressed and provides follow-up instructions.

You may notice minor discharge afterward, but you can return to your routine straight from the office.

What are the benefits of MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is an effective non-surgical, drug-free treatment for vaginal atrophy. It’s a great option for women who want to improve their vaginal health without hormone medication or more invasive processes.

The treatment is also great for on-the-go women who wish to avoid taking any downtime from their busy schedules. You may have to abstain from sex for a few days, but you don’t have to make any other adjustments to your routine.

The results of the MonaLisa Touch are also long lasting. After three treatments, spaced about six weeks apart, you should only need maintenance treatments once per year.

If you’d like to learn more about the MonaLisa Touch, contact the Newport Beach, California, practice online or over the phone.

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