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It’s important to find a provider who fully supports you in your decisions for you and your family. Dr. Gigi Kroll & Dr. Zhanna Pinkus with their dedicated partners at Dr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus offer a full range of family planning services for women, whether they’re ready to have children or wish to avoid pregnancy. Call the Newport Beach, California practice or use the online scheduling system to make an appointment with a family planning specialist.

Family Planning Q & A

What is family planning?

Family planning is the method of controlling the size of your family. This includes the number of children you want to have, if any, and the number of years you choose to have between them.

If you want to avoid pregnancy,Dr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus provide education and tools to prevent pregnancy. They can also help you protect your fertility if you might want children later in life.

When you’re ready to have a baby, your OB/GYN can discuss preconception visits, fertility testing, and lifestyle habits to support your decision. They also provide comprehensive obstetrical services once you have a positive pregnancy test.

If you’re done having children, Dr. Kroll and her team can discuss birth control or permanent sterilization with you. Their role is to help you make the most informed decisions and provide the medical resources necessary to support those decisions.

What family planning services are available?

No matter what path you choose to take with your family, the providers atDr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus provide the tools to support your decisions. They’re committed to offering education, disease prevention, and healthcare for all aspects of reproductive health.

The center offers the following services for women:

  • Birth control
  • Vaccinations
  • STD screening
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Infertility guidance
  • Genetic testing
  • Preconception screenings
  • Obstetrical care
  • Permanent contraception

The center handles all aspects of gynecologic and obstetric care from simple screenings to complicated pregnancies.

When should I see a doctor about family planning?

Any time you make a decision about your reproductive health, you should seek the support and recommendations of your doctor. From your first period to your last child, your doctor can help you navigate the changes with respect.

You can consult the professionals at the center at any stage of life, such as when:

  • You’re unsure what your risks are
  • You want to avoid pregnancy and STDs
  • You’re having trouble getting pregnant
  • You’re pregnant and want to have a healthy pregnancy
  • You want to make sure you have several years between pregnancies
  • You’re done having children

No matter what stage you’re at, reach out to the providers at the center for guidance and support by calling or using the online booking option.

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