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Sudden abnormal uterine bleeding is a terrifying experience for any woman, but Dr. Gigi Kroll & Dr. Zhanna Pinkus with their dedicated team of providers at Dr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus in Newport Beach, California can help figure out the cause of your abnormal bleeding and the best treatment option for you. If you’ve been experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding for more than a few days, call Dr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus today or book an appointment online.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Q & A

What is abnormal uterine bleeding?

Abnormal uterine bleeding is any unusual bleeding from your uterus during or after your period that doesn’t seem right to you.

If your period seems unusually heavy, especially if it happens for more than a couple of days, you may be experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding.

While many women do experience spotting between periods, such as when they are taking hormonal birth control, anything heavier than light spotting is a health concern that you should bring up with your gynecologist.

What causes abnormal uterine bleeding?

Like any medical condition, abnormal uterine bleeding can happen for a wide variety of reasons, and many are harmless.

Some of the potential causes of abnormal uterine bleeding include:

  • Polyps or small fibroids
  • Problems during ovulation
  • Birth control pills or the intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Cervical infection
  • Endometrial disorders such as endometriosis
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Certain types of cancers

The reason behind your abnormal uterine bleeding depends on a variety of factors, including age, medical history, lifestyle, and more.

How will my OB/GYN diagnose abnormal uterine bleeding?

Your OB/GYN considers a variety of factors, such as your age, when diagnosing and treating your abnormal uterine bleeding.

If your bleeding is especially heavy, your gynecologist may even want to check your blood count to make sure you aren’t experiencing extreme blood loss.

Next, the experts at Dr. Gigi Kroll and Dr. Zhanna Pinkus will give you an ultrasound exam to find out what is causing your abnormal uterine bleeding.

If the cause is not immediately clear, you may also be prepped for an endometrial biopsy, a test of the uterine lining to determine whether or not cancer is a concern for you.

What are my treatment options?

Depending on the cause behind your abnormal uterine bleeding, your provider may offer one or more of the following treatment options:


This small plastic device can be inserted into your uterus through your vagina to prevent pregnancy, but it may also regulate your hormonal imbalance to stop abnormal uterine bleeding in its tracks.

Birth Control Pills

Like an IUD, hormonal birth control pills can also regulate your hormones and help treat heavy, abnormal uterine bleeding.

D&C, or dilatation and curettage

This procedure allows your gynecologist to scrape away the lining of your uterus and test the tissue for abnormalities.


In rare cases, you may need a complete hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus, to treat abnormal uterine bleeding. This will stop your period, affecting your ability to conceive post-surgery.

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