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We wanted to share with you an exciting new service now available in our office, The Mona Lisa Touch CO2 Laser designed and proven to treat vaginal and urinary symptoms associated with Menopause.

As we age, we make less estrogen. As a result, we experience many symptoms, including thinning of the skin and tissue surrounding the vagina and the bladder.

Some women are not bothered by these changes, but many suffer a variety of symptoms including pain with intercourse, difficulty with orgasm, recurrent burning and itching (often thinking they have a yeast or bacterial infection which they don’t), urinary frequency, frequent waking at night to urinate, loss of urine with coughing or sneezing, and a sense of dryness and irritation.

Often replacing estrogen will help with these symptoms. Some women do well with hormonal replacement in form of a pill, spray, gel or patch. If a woman still has her uterus (has NOT had a hysterectomy) she will also need to take progesterone therapy to prevent uterine cancer. Nonetheless, the skin will still continue to thin with age.

There are also vaginal hormonal treatments that are effective for some: a tablet called “vagifem” estrogen creams, or vaginal estrogen-secreting ring. Even newer therapies are being developed to address this problem including a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator), over-the-counter intra-vaginal DHEA, vaginal hyaluronic acid, and pH modulators. Many of these treatments are costly and can be messy to use.  The benefit only works while you are taking the medication.

The Mona Lisa Touch was introduced to the US market (developed in Europe) several years ago and there are now over 30 studies showing benefit and improved quality of life in most patients undergoing treatment. In addition it is extremely safe.

The device is a CO2 Laser which directs treatment intra-vaginally and to the external vulva. We pre-treat with numbing crème. It requires no anesthesia and takes approximately 10 minutes to perform. Initially, the patient receives three treatments delivered 6 weeks apart. After that, it is indicated to have maintenance treatment once every year. The Mona Lisa is also indicated for Lichen Sclerosis and some premenopausal conditions. Treatment recommendations may vary.

Unlike other laser or aesthetic centers, Newport Center Women’s Health is a dedicated office of women providers interested in treating all aspects of women’s health. We work with our patients to ultimately obtain resolution of their symptoms with a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology and anatomical changes occurring during a women’s life. We are excited to offer The Mona Lisa Touch.

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Similar to Lasik surgery to treat vision, the Mona Lisa Touch is not (and will not be) covered by insurance. The cost at our office is $1,000 per treatment or discounted at $2,500.00 for all three. Maintenance treatment is $500.00.


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